GCSE and Pre GCSE Students

At 11 years old, students preparing for the GCSE need help with four skills: speaking, reading, listening, and writing, if they are to earn a good score.

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Advanced Learners

Advanced learners – students who are experienced with the language – can benefit from tuition to fill gaps or overcome hidden weaknesses that may keep them from achieving their best.

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When students are not quite at their desired level, examinations can present a challenge that undermines learning. Starting tuition can help students be prepared.

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Adult Beginners

Many adult learners are already well on their way to being able to pronounce the main sounds of a language without difficulty, but want to attain a greater control and improve their opportunities.

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Lessons-online or in person

Online Skype lessons

Students connect with your French Tutor using Skype, a VoIP program (free download) with a headset and web camera for one-on-one interaction and to exchange homework and audio files.

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In person tuition

Students can receive tuition in the home or office in the North London area, at their convenience. This type of tuition ensures direct interaction and optimal focus.

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Philippe, your french tutor

With over 30 years of teaching experience and a roster of over 750 students of all ages, Philippe is uniquely qualified to successfully tutor students in foreign languages. Having learned two foreign languages virtually by himself, Philippe is well positioned to tutor students with empathy, dedication, and understanding.



Tutors Students of All Ages

Over the years, Philippe has helped many students – of all ages – overcome their fear and frustration of learning a new language. From very young students in elementary school to adults in a working environment, everyone can benefit from Philippe's unique methods.

Applying a Proven System of Teaching

Implementing effective teaching methods, unique techniques, and well-designed exercises, Philippe is able to apply a customized tutoring experience to each student to overcome his or her specific roadblocks and ensure success. Over 500 students of all ages in London (UK) have benefited from Philippe's unique tutoring style, as they learn and communicate in their new language.

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